Why is your meat so tender?

Our aging process allows for an increase in tenderness, as well as, the flavor profile of the beef. It is not a new thing, but rather an old tradition that has been lost in the hustle of processors trying to meet the increasing demands of grocers. We believe that some things shouldn’t be lost with time; instead, we should look back and realize there was a reason for doing things.


How do I order specialty beef?

In the near future we will be sourcing Wagyu, Organic, and Grass Fed Beef.


Your purchased beef products are shipped vacuum sealed and frozen inside an insulated box. We utilize UPS or FedEx 1-2 day shipping to ensure your goods arrive in a timely manner. Once you have chosen the type of beef, your order will be shipped within 7 days.

How do you determine your price of beef?

Our pricing will be based on the current market every month.  If the price of cattle goes down our pricing will move with it.  We will have the ability to move with the market much faster than any retail grocery store.

Turnaround Times

When you make your purchase, we will deliver your order within 7 days of choosing your beef—whether it be 3-day chill, a 14-day age, or a 21-day age.

Packaging And Delivery

Your entire order will be custom packaged.  All products will be vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.