Jeremy Anderson was born into the agriculture industry and has continued to work and build businesses in various agriculture fields. From farming and feedlots in his youth, to drying potatoes, and now being fully immersed in beef; Jeremy has loved every minute of his evolution. Jeremy has lived most of his life in the same rural area of Southern Idaho, where he works with his wife Jen, and his four children (Skyler, Kendyll, Tyce, and Radley) to build a family legacy that will thrive for generations. Of all his accomplishments, he is most proud of finding and developing a way to bring the same high-quality beef he and his family have enjoyed, to the tables of many other hard working Americans throughout the country. No matter how much freezer space a person has, they should never have to settle on the quality of the protein they are consuming!



Cameron Smith grew up in Rupert, Idaho, honing his skills in the Agriculture Industry. As a young boy, he learned the value of hard work.  His first job, before school started, was to move water lines twice a day, 7 days a week.  In high school, Cameron began a life-long love for rodeo. He rode bareback in his youth and made it to the national rodeo finals in high school.   Cameron passed his love of hard work and rodeo on to his children who have recieved rodeo schlarships due to their talent.  Cameron is an entreprenuer at heart and has worked in many capacities from management, to executive, to owner.  Currently, Cameron oversees all cattle procurement and logistics.


How and Where do we source our Beef?

We are located in an area where agriculture drives the economy. We are able to source beef from our own backyard and pastures, as well as, those of our neighbors. All of the beef we source is grown in the USA. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most-delicious-tasting beef for our customers. We are heavily involved in the daily operations, from the management and feeding, to the processing and wrapping, as well as, everything in between. It truly is a friends & family affair around here and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

What we feed our friends & families matters to us. Let us feed you and your family the same quality we demand for ours.

Our mission statement, and commitment to you our customer, is to provide the best beef, from the best animals, from the best ranches, and from the best pastures in the country!

Quality and security are what drive us. In uncertain times, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

We ship the perfect amount to your front door and keep the rest on reserve (beef reserve deposit box).  You enjoy the comfort and knowledge that your protein source is locked in.

Sacrificing quality and security in your meat due to a lack of freezer space is no longer a problem.  We have you covered here at The Beef Reserve.

We hope you will join our family, become a lifetime customer, and experience the difference of what we have built and created. We are building a community based on security and quality products for families in all walks of life. We may not be able to bring the pasture to you; however, we can bring the quality beef.